See what’s available on our menu. Even if you’ve had these dishes before, I guarantee you that they are much superior to anything you’ve ever tasted. 


We have different dishes you can choose to dine with.

Drinks & Wine

All forms you had like are available. We got you covered.


The lounge also provides hookah at your own choice.

What we offer?

Our full menu is visible on your devices, just scan and get it.

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We offer a wide range of foods that are ready to serve. Our Menu will totally change your view on the regular Nigerian meals you may have had.

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Bar & Wine

Outside Restaurant and lounge is the most relaxed place to have a soothing wine or beer in Abuja.  Come with your friends.

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In Outside Restaurant and Lounge, we offer only the best flavours. These wonderful flavours paired with the luxury environment and aesthetic are sure to make you feel relaxed.