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Located in the heart of Abuja, Outside Restaurant and Lounge is a top-class fine dining restaurant.

Outside Abuja restaurant

Good food for your all-day good mood

Whether you are looking for a nice place to eat out, hang out with friends and family or try out various continental dishes, look no further! Outside Restaurant and Lounge will definitely tickle your fancy! Outside Restaurant and Lounge has got a lot in stock for you, just to make feel like a special guest

Alexander Chineye, CEO

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We serve you the best

You won’t have to break the bank to obtain the food you want at Outside Restaurant. All of our meals are presented to you piping hot and freshly prepared. In addition to providing great meals, we’re working hard to eliminate the dangers of eating out. It is our goal to ensure that both your immediate satisfaction and long-term health are met.

Our Best Chef

Get to know some of the most brilliant minds behind our delectable cuisines.